Student Travel Exchange Program: A language immersion program where you host a high school student from Spain for a month. They are learning English, you share in the experience, learn some Spanish culture and make friendships.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


     JUNE 27th to JULY 24th

We are looking forward to another wonderful, fun filled summer making new friends, practicing our Spanish and sharing our culture and lives with International High School Students from Spain.
Student applications have already arrived. Homes are still needed to host them. Please consider welcoming a student into your family for a month.
Remember this is a flexible program if your going on vacation, you can take them with you. Otherwise we can place them in another home while you're gone. If you are working, then take advantage of each pre scheduled activitity which will be provided daily as well as carpooling opportunities with other host families. 

Contact Lorene for more information 


Come enjoy a fun filled summer where you will be meeting lots of new people and making many lasting friendships here in San Diego and from S...